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Texas Hold’em poker rules Texas Hold’em poker is the most popular form of poker, both in private, in casinos and on specialty sites. It therefore seems logical to learn to play poker by starting to assimilate the rules of Texas Hold’em. You can also go for the judi onlen indonesia now.

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Like all forms of poker, Texas Hold’em is a poker that is played with a deck of 52 cards, distributed in 4 colors: Tile, Spades, Heart, Clover. Each color includes 13 different cards. Here they are, ranked from weakest to strongest: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, valet, dame, roi, et ace.

At the start, the dealer (“dealer”) distributes to each player two private cards (“closed” cards), which are visible only to the player concerned. Five community cards are then placed face up (“open” cards) in the center of the table during the different stages of the game. They constitute what is called the “board”.

  • “Low” mode: unlike “High”, the weakest card combinations win the game here
  • “High / Low” mode: in this game mode, half of the pot is won by the player with the strongest hand, while the other half goes to the player with the weakest hand. This game mode is often associated with restrictions. For example, the weak hand generally excludes combinations (pairs, three of a kind, or square) and the strongest card it contains must not exceed eight.

The auctions: no limit, limit, pot limit

Like the game mode, a bid limit must be set at the start of the game. The bets allowed for each round of betting will depend on the limit chosen.

Poker no limit

No limit is the most practiced bid limit

During a no limit poker game, players can bet the amount they want, or even all of their chips. The amount of your raises must be the same as your previous bet in the betting round. Each bet must be at least equivalent to the amount of the big blind.

Poker limit

In limit poker, bets and raises are defined in advance according to the amount of “small bets” and “big bets”. Indeed, with this type of auction, players bet small bets in the first two rounds, then big bets in the following rounds. The amount of raises is always equivalent to that of bets.

Poker pot limit

As the name suggests, the pot limit sets the limit for bids and raises to the amount of the pot. When a player enters a stroke, he must bet the same amount as that of the pot. If he raises, he must first bet an amount equivalent to that of the pot at the opening, then bet up to the entire pot.

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